Wicked Small Thai And Indonesian Plates At Transit

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You never leave an Asian restaurant feeling stuffed or with that dirty feeling where you feel like you have to walk 10km before going to bed to work all the badness off. Asian food is typically for the most part clean, healthy and delicious. After eating my fair share of Schnitzels for the past week I decided it was time to go healthy so I popped into Transit in Mitte to get some good shit into my body and feel good about myself.

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There are 3 Transit's around Berlin now but this is the one with the best buzz and you'll be lucky to get a seat at one of the long benches in here because the place is always buzzing but that gives it a wonderful atmosphere and makes it feel more like a busy cocktail bar than a fancy restaurant. This is the sort of place you want to go to before you have a big night out. You'll be in the mood for some serious partying when you step out of Transit and the food isn't half bad either.


The menu will probably confuse the shit out of you the first time you arrive because you are given a pencil and a piece of paper and have to make your own selections. Once you do understand the system it's a much better way of taking orders from customers and it means that if you get the wrong dish it is probably your own fault. Once you hand in your docket the food starts arriving as soon as it is ready.


I had three dishes and some rice which cost me €16 along with a glass of Coke and that was actually way too much to eat. I could have done with 2 dishes. The prawn and pork rice paper rolls were light, tasty and crunchy as fuck. The beef salad was punchy and the dressing delicious. The fish cakes weren't bad but I wouldn't order them again. I love the way you can have small plates of everything and get a bunch of different flavours without having to be stuck with one big shitty plate you don't like.

In the summer you can eat out on the terrace as well but it just doesn't have the same atmosphere as the lively dark room packed full of cool young stylish people. Transit is an epic place to eat and with three locations spread around the city you are never going to be too far from one which is a great thing! Check it out. Delish.

The View From Others

I am only one person eating there on one particular day so to add a little balance to the review here are some other people who have eaten there and reviewed it as well.

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