The Most Incredible Meal I've Ever Had In Berlin - Dos Palillos


As we've discussed in the past, Japanese has a strong presence in Berlin and that is especially true of the Mitte district. One restaurant that does things a little different and takes them to another level is run by Albert Raurich, former chef de cuisine at the world famous el Bulli and the brains behind the Dos Palillos restaurant in the Casa Camper hotel in Hackescher Markt. It is Japanese food served in Spanish Tapas style and it will absolutely blow your mind in terms of eating food in a completely new way.


There are only 2 menus, one for 55 Euros and one for 75 Euros. They are both tasting menus with either 10 or 15 dishes being served up as they are ready. The restaurant is shaped like a traditional sushi bar and you get to see the chefs plating up your dishes with incredible precision. This is more of a dining experience than just heading out for a simple meal and it can easily be enjoyed alone. Indeed there is so much going on with the chefs that you would nearly be better sitting there on your own watching all the cooking techniques happening in front of you.


I went for the big menu and was absolutely blown away by the quality and flavors in the food. The descriptions are simple but every mouthful is like a little parcel from heaven.

Slow Cooked Chicken

Absolute melt in the mouth and had clearly been cooked for hours on a slow heat. Simple soy sauce made it truly delicious.


Razor Clams

Not something you see often on a menu but fresh, delicious, lovely and light.


Stir Fry Vegetables

The tastes in this dish were probably the best in the whole meal. Who knew vegetables could actually taste this good? Only small issue was the portion was absolutely huge. These are a meal on their own.


Salad Of The Sea

All sorts in here including seaweed, clams and some great sauces and textures.


Peanut And Miso Salad

Light and crunchy and exactly what you need to keep your palate nice and clean with so many other dishes being served.


Grill Fish

Probably the most simple dish of the day but also cooked on their incredible open grill. Fresh and clean taste with eprfect rice.


Tempura Of Anchovy

Not what you expect at all and not a bit salty but just light and delicious.


Oyster With Shiso

One of the lightest and tastiest most plump oysters I've ever eaten.


Beef Cheek

Slow cooked and so soft it tasted like butter. A little too sweet for me.


Shrimp And Tofu Soup

Perfect textures with hot, sweet and lovely homemade tofu.


Wild Mushroom And Chilli Plate

Unexpected tastes and a decent dish but not one of the best.


Kobe Beef Burger

Served rare and the best dish of the night. Soft bun, huge flavor in the meat and just totally delicious.


Strawberry Shot And Dumpling

A little sweet to finish it all off with and just the right size after all the food.


By the time you've eaten all that food you will actually be stuffed. As the courses start coming out you wonder if 10 will actually fill you but as time goes on you crave a longer break. The break does allow you to have great sake, wine and Japanese beers which will bring the bill up to close to 100 Euros but it is worth every penny. You are not going to be eating here every week and it is very much a place for special occasions, but when you do come here you know you will be sitting down for one of the best meals you will ever have. Mind blowing.

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Niall Harbison

Niall founded Lovin' Dublin with a few fairly simple aims: discover new places to eat in Dublin and share simple recipes cooked up in his kitchen.