The Best Sushi In Berlin - Canteen Style Dining With High End Produce

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I've found that the best sushi bars in the world are often in pretty shitty areas and are not going to win any awards for restaurant design. You get high end places like NOBU that have spread across the world, but I'm not talking about a branded experience but more of the genuine awesome sushi experience enjoyed by locals.

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Berlin isn't short of good spots to eat great Japanese food but I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that the best sushi you'll taste in the capital comes in in Ishin which is located only a stone's throw from the Brandenburg Gate and most of the important and landmark spots in the capital. It's one street back from all the touristy shit and the big offices so unless you know where you are going you'll find it hard to spot. What you'll notice when you enter the bustling canteen dining room is that plenty of people already know about it. There is nothing fancy about the place at all and it reminds me of being herded into a canteen while in school to eat shitty food before heading out to play. The waitresses are efficient and good at their job but I wouldn't say they'd be winning any hospitality awards anytime soon! In Ishin it is all about the sushi.

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They buy their own whole tuna for example so as they can get the very most out of the fish and get you some of the better cuts. I had a fatty piece of tuna which was absolutely incredible. So much better than the regular loin you get everywhere else as standard. The buzz in the place is also electric as everybody piles in for lunch and the food is slapped down to you in record time. You'll notice a bunch of Japanese people in here which is always a great sign in terms of authenticity. You'll also see all sorts of fish heading out to the tables around you. The menu is set up for trying lots of different things. I also had dumplings which were top notch but I'd say if I was coming back I'd stick entirely to sushi because it really is that good. Prices are reasonable as well so €20 will get you green tea, lots of nice lunch to fill you up and you'll still leave with change in your pocket. Epic Sushi!

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