London Chic At The Soho House In Berlin


Berlin is without doubt one of the coolest cities in the world. It has everything from the rough edges, great art scene through to super clubs, restaurants and bars. What we forget though is that most people coming as tourists have to stay somewhere and they often go for what they are most comfortable with. One example is SOHO House which is a chain of uber trendy hotels that started in London but which are now dotted in a few of the very coolest cities in the world. They are half hotel and half private members club and many people treat them as a home away from home because they know the quality to expect and can slot into the relaxed groove straight away.


I stayed for two nights and despite the branding and what I'd heard I was able to get a gorgeous (albeit small) room for 350 Euros. That included breakfast. I was there to work so I wasn't really a proper tourist and instead spent most of my 48 hours within the hotel. Actually now that I think about it I didn't leave once. Its that sort of place.


I ate multiple times there and I have to say the food was a major win. The only dodgy bit I had was the schnitzel because it felt totally out of place and just wasn't that good. The pizza I had was absolutely second to none with an epic crispy base and savage mozzarella that was so so tasty. The big winner was the brunch on the Sunday. It was 28 Euros and probably the best money you could ever spend. It was unbelievably fucking good and you could easily sit there all day scoffing it. The highlights were the huge prawns, amazing fresh vegetables and the three chefs there ready to cook you eggs, fresh fish or pretty much anything you wanted. They make you feel like royalty and I only wished I didn't have to rush out for a flight because I would have eaten until they went bankrupt if I had the choice.


The roof terrace is where all the action is. Its where the local members hang out alongside the international jet setters. I could hear English, Russian and American accents everywhere. To be honest it was a bit too packed with douchebags up there to relax properly. Everybody checking themselves out in mirrors and it had a very St Tropez vibe. I retreated to the lower levels where the WIFI and service were superb. The only rule that you have to respect (which pretty much everybody seems to ignore) is no photos. Anywhere. I guess it's meant to help people switch off but when you stay somewhere like this most people want a quick snap.


Although the accommodation was cheap enough for such luxury, the bills do mount up pretty quickly as soon as you start adding on food and drink but I guess that is the business model. They get you in, make you so comfortable that you never want to leave and the wallet loosens up pretty quickly. You are actually so comfortable you couldn't give a shit how much you spend.


I prefer a more authentic Berlin experience but I would happily stay in other SOHO Houses around the world. You know what you are getting and that is the very best quality in the world. Top class.


Written By

Niall Harbison

Niall founded Lovin' Dublin with a few fairly simple aims: discover new places to eat in Dublin and share simple recipes cooked up in his kitchen.