Funky Kreuzberg Hotel With Free Wifi And Great Wednesday Schnitzel

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I love a good hotel. Not just a place where you can go and stay when on holidays but a venue within a city that locals flock to and enjoy a bunch of food and entertainment. Go to all the great cities these days (New York, London etc) and you'll find uber trendy hotels that are doubling up as the must visit place for people living in those cities. My favourite example of this is the Ace Hotel in NY and Shoreditch which oozes cool where you'll find start ups plotting away in the lobby with their laptops, and locals calling in for food and cocktails. The hotels themselves foster that culture by providing free WIFI, power and top service. Gone are the days where you are greeted by some snooty doorman looking down his nose at you, these days you'll more likely come across a male model in an Armani suit welcoming you.

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Berlin has it's own take on this concept at the Michelberger Hotel in Kreuzberg. The place is absolutely buzzing with energy and the lobby is designed to perfection. It feels like you are walking into a designer's living room and before you know it you are nodding along to the kicking tunes and feeling cooler than when you walked in the door. I often come here and have a coffee (excellent) and pastry or one of their awesome cocktails if it is later in the evening. If you want to work this is the perfect spot because it isn't packed during the day and their are loads of power plugs. It never feels like people are looking over your shoulder wanting you to order something else but the service is attentive when you do need it.

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The best thing about the whole place though is the lunch served out in the courtyard. There are a bunch of tables and you'll want to get here early because come one o'clock the place floods with locals as they pour out of the local offices. There is full menu but one daily special served every single day which you'd be foolish to ignore. Wednesday is Schnitzel day and all I will say is that it is absolutely fucking awesome. It is bigger than anything you'll ever see and at just 11 euros you really can't go wrong. I don't think the picture even does it any justice because I struggled to even get half of it finished. Served with traditional garnishes you'll go back to work stuffed to the fucking gills and unable to move.

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I haven't found a more relaxed place to work than The Michelberger. The tunes are what make it so good and the best thing is they even released their playlists on Soundcloud so you can enjoy them back at work or in the comfort of your own home. I'd strongly suggest taking a day out of the office and working here or if you are visiting Berlin spend the day here. Even better would be to check in so as when you are finished work you can have a few cocktails and watch all the cool young Berliners flocking in and looking slick. This is a hotel that is slick enough to grace any city in the world. Outstanding.

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