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Chinese food doesn't always get the best name all over the world. We all tend to put the food from a country with over a billion people in one basket and not give it the credit it deserves. In reality it comes in all shapes and sizes based on the different regions and it is absolutely fucking gorgeous at times. I'm not going to lie and say Berlin is amazing for Chinese food because it isn't, but there are a few gems dotted around the city and Yumcha Heroes is one of those. They specialise in dumplings and tea and although they do have a few other dishes for non dumpling lovers, you'd be an idiot to look passed their steamed choices.


What I love about the place is just how buzzing it is. I was here in the summer so couples and groups were wedged into tables both inside and out on the terrace on long benches. You can see straight into the kitchen which I always love because it means you can see that the chef isn't a dirty bastard picking his ass, instead you can see that the kitchen is spotless. Just for the record it is spotless here. One of the cleanest kitchens you'll ever see. The staff are a mixture of older Chinese women and men and they make dumplings at an incredible speed as you sit there ordering yours for an epic menu. You can get dumplings in soup. Dumplings on their own. Hot dumplings. Veggie dumplings. You get the picture.


I started with a green tea which I've had 100 times before but this time it came in a large glass with the actual buds in the glass. It looked weird but tasted awesome and was probably more authentic than anything I've ever had before. The dumplings come as soon as they are ready and I had ordered three plates which in hindsight was too many. I'd probably advise ordering 2 and then order a third as you go if you are still hungry.


They are all beautifully folded and little pieces of art. The ultimate test is biting into them and they do indeed pour out a piping hot delicious liquid as you pop them. Oh my god the taste of them! Insanely good! I had pork and prawn versions as well as some weird but delicious purple dumplings in a soup with cabbage. You leave here feeling super healthy and wishing that there was a dumpling spot on every corner in town. God the Asians really know how to eat good food and make it healthy. I'll be back here as often as I can, especially as when I looked down at the bill it was only 16 Euros. With the amount of love, time and effort that went into these dumplings I actually felt like I'd ripped them off. You need look no further because the dumplings in Yumcha Heroes are easily the best in town! All kinds of epic.

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