Start Up Heaven And Perfect Co-Working At Betahaus Berlin

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When you walk around the streets of this city you can feel the energy of start ups everywhere you go. It is the closest you can get to Silicon Valley without actually being there and it is one of the biggest factors that makes this city what it is today. While most people work in offices, there is also a massive co-working culture. Although you may love sitting in cafés, they don't always feel the same way because you are only spending a few euros and sitting there all day hogging their seats and not allowing them to monetise them with other customers. Luckily there are a few places that will open you with open arms and are happy to let people sit around all day. Betahaus in the heart of Kreuzberg is one one of those places...


The whole place is set in a building that has had everything ripped out and is set up specifically with start ups in mind. They recently celebrated their 5th birthday which makes them a dinosaur in the start up world but when you walk in it feels well established and like it has been around for years. If you are slightly more established and want a desk to call your own there are plenty of packages for a couple of hundred euros that let you call this place home. Those desks, offices and facilities are located out the back and upstairs. There is an awesome sense of community among the start ups there. I wanted to focus on the café out the front which is open all day and is dotted with people on laptops using the excellent free WIFI and scheming their big global ideas with nothing more than a laptop.


The main thing you'll want to know about is the coffee and the good news is it is excellent. Maybe not up to the standards of St Oberhalz but still good enough to fuel you for the day. The menu isn't massive but they have a couple of daily specials which change all the time and which will keep you interested. I was here twice and got an excellent pasta both days. The other great thing is that the pricing is all tailored to a start up budget with a big bottle of water only costing a couple of euros. As the day drags on you'll inevitably start thinking about something sweet and they've a lovely little selection of cakes and cookies to give you that mid afternoon sugar kick.


The best thing about being here is that you never feel any pressure to leave or that you are lingering and taking up space because that is what the whole place is set up for. People walk past with busy minds as they clearly think about tackling the world's start up problems. No matter what happens though, come 7 o'clock there are always a bunch of people sharing their ideas outside over a beer and thats the best thing about the place. The comradery is superb and it gives the place some serious energy.


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