Fish Finally Given The Prime Position It Deserves At Öz Fish House


Whatever city in the world you visit you'll find a load of great steak houses. Places where there is a huge selection of steaks that are cooked (usually on an open grill) to your liking. Turns out people really love seeing what they are going to eat before it hits the flames. Fish is treated pretty differently. You'll typically find it in high end restaurants or as part of a menu, you'll rarely find whole restaurants dedicated to seafood and when you do they tend to be expensive and seriously snooty.


The good news is Berlin has a little place down on Oranienstr in Kreuzberg called Oz Fish Shop that ticks all the boxes and that will blow your fucking mind. I actually found it by accident having walked past it 100s of times when I was looking for sushi one evening. See it doesn't look like much from the outside, and unless you look a little closer you could easily mistake it for a cheap takeaway.


The concept is simple. You see the fish you want in the fridge and after pointing at it they'll grill it for you. There is every type of fish you could ever want and I could tell they were all super fresh. The fish itself is cooked on a huge open grill BBQ type thing where you see it simmering away in real time which does great things for your appetite. The side orders could do with a little work but the salad was decent. When my fish did arrive it was one of the tastiest things you could ever imagine, so simple with a little lemon and that wonderful fresh BBQ taste. Totally clean eating.


I hate a can of spezi with mine and the whole thing cost less than 20 Euros. This is my sort of eating and I just wish the place had more customers. It deserves to be absolutely rammed to the roof with people queueing out the door. In fact they should open a chain and bring this concept to every city in the world because I'd be eating there every single night.


Written By

Niall Harbison

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