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Amazingly Quick And Simple Fried Rice "With Everything"

  • Rice
  • Prawns
  • Ham
  • Eggs
  • Soy Sauce
  • Frozen Peas
  • Onion

Sometimes when you come in from work you look into the fridge at the same old ingredients and ask yourself "what the hell am I going to make tonight?". We've come up with this recipe especially for those occasions when it takes just 6 ingredients (most of which you will hopefully have in the fridge anyway) and about 20 minutes to throw it all together. The other great thing about this recipe is that it is super healthy and if you make enough you'll have another portion for tomorrow as well


Step 1

The ingredients are super simple. You'll probably have them all in the fridge / freezer or can get them in a local shop.

Step 2

I'm using brown rice but you can easily use white. Start off by washing it off under running water for a good few minutes to remove the starch.

Step 3

Cover the rice with water. Pop your hand in and the water should cover it by 1cm.

Step 4

Throw it on a high heat and bring it straight up to the boil.

Step 5

Chop up the onion and the ham into nice small even sized pieces.

Step 6

When the rice comes to the boil turn the temperature right down and cover it with a lid.

Step 7

Cook the eggs really quickly. Just break them into a wok that is on a high heat.

Step 8

Use a spatula to push them around the wok really quickly.

Step 9

When they start looking a bit like a cross between an omelette and scrambled eggs take them off.

Step 10

Along with the chopped up prawns you now have everything for the stir fry. Super simple, eh?!

Step 11

Lash them all into a wok on a good high heat. They'll take about 3 minutes to cook and they should smell absolutely delicious.

Step 12

Throw in the peas.

Step 13

Finish with the eggs.

Step 14

Strain off the rice and throw it into the pan as well.

Step 15

You want to actually fry the rice at this stage. That is where it gets all it's flavour so cook it for a good 2 minutes.

Step 16

Throw in a good generous amount of soy sauce.

Step 17

Make sure the soy sauce is coating everything.

Step 18

And serve it all up straight away. Way better than anything you could get in the local takeaway!


So there you have it. One of the easiest recipes you will ever come across and once you learn it you'll never change the technique again. It makes the perfect treat for any lunch box as well so make it in a large portion in advance and get a couple of days out of this. Absolutely fucking gorgeous.

Written By

Niall Harbison

Niall founded Lovin' Dublin with a few fairly simple aims: discover new places to eat in Dublin and share simple recipes cooked up in his kitchen.