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Super Simple But Gorgeous Tomato And Basil Pasta

  • Spaghetti
  • Tomatoes
  • Basil
  • Garlic
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Sugar

Sometimes people think you need hundreds of ingredients to make a wonderful dinner but I wanted to show you how you can achieve something amazing with just 6 simple ingredients that you'll find in your local shop. Once you learn how to make this you will never use another recipe again! Go on try it out...


Step 1

So you couldn't really ask for more simple ingredients. Try to pick nice tomatoes. You'll be able to judge the good ones by picking them up and smelling them.

Step 2

Use a small knife to cut the shitty little root out of the tomato, all the green but should be gone.

Step 3

Do that to them all so as they look like this and be careful with your bloody hands!

Step 4

We are going to peel them and to do that you have to do a little cross into the top of the tomato. Cut just into the skin but not too deep

Step 5

Lash on a big pot of water to boil. Full blast on the heat.

Step 6

Peel a couple of cloves of garlic. Don't think I really need to explain to you how to do that!

Step 7

Chop the shit out of them into nice even sized small pieces

Step 8

When the water comes to the boil lash the tomatoes in. We don't want to cook them, just boil the skin off them quickly- 5 to 10 seconds max.

Step 9

Take them straight out of the water and lash cold water onto them to cool them down as quickly as possible.

Step 10

When they cool down you'll be able to remove the skin really quickly as you see here.

Step 11

Make sure to get every last piece of skin off because the last thing you want is skin in the sauce.

Step 12

Slice them up in two.

Step 13

Squeeze out all the watery bits in the middle.

Step 14

What you are left with now is the pure gorgeous flesh.

Step 15

Chop them up roughly.

Step 16

After you have fried off the garlic super gently in a frying pan with oilve oil, throw in the tomatoes.

Step 17

At this stage pop the pasta you are using (can be any shape) into the water.

Step 18

Keep stirring the sauce and you will see it starting to come together really nicely.

Step 19

Pick all the leaves from the stalks of the basil.

Step 20

Roll them up into a thin cigar shape and slice them up super fine.

Step 21

When the sauce is thickening add a little spoonful of sugar.

Step 22

Also throw a half ladle of water into the sauce from the cooking water.

Step 23

Strain off the pasta and throw it into the sauce.

Step 24

Add the sliced basil.

Step 25

Toss it all up so the sauce is covering everything.

Step 26

Grate in the parmesan cheese and add some salt and pepper.

Step 27

Serve it up with a little basil leaf on top. Now things don't get much prettier looking than that!


When you cook this, taste it and put it on the plate you are going to think that this is restaurant standard food and you'll be amazed you produced it with your own hands. This is cheap, quick, simple and couldn't taste much better! Go on give it a go!

Written By

Niall Harbison

Niall founded Lovin' Dublin with a few fairly simple aims: discover new places to eat in Dublin and share simple recipes cooked up in his kitchen.