The Best Place To Spend The Day Working In Berlin With Free Wifi


The vast majority of the world spend their time working in one fixed place like an office or a shop where the scenery stays the same every single day. I know what it is like and you often think you are going to crack up looking at the same people, plants and computers day-in, day-out. Surely there is a little more to life than that? If there is one city that has caught the co-working bug and woken up to the creative benefits of working in shared spaces then it is Berlin. You can't turn a corner without some young hipster sitting in front of their nice shiny macbook creating the latest hot start up or discussing the designs for their new pop up shoe shop.


When it comes to co-working there are 4 crucial components…

  1. Great Wifi
  2. Power sockets for your laptop and devices
  3. Great coffee and food
  4. Staff who don't bother you and just let you work.

You'll easily find 3 out of the above but getting all four together is one of the great challenges of our time akin to getting Obama and Putin to have a beer together while watching a match. Luckily, I've done all the research for you, so you can stop looking because St Oberholz in Mitte is hands down the best spot I've ever worked in my life. Not just in Berlin... in the entire fucking world! The place is always packed with cool young people staring furiously into their laptops as if their life depended on it. The Wi-Fi is not only free but extremely fast. To explain how good it is, I've only ever seen it stop working for about all of 10 seconds and there was nearly a huge brawl in the place. Thats the only time I've ever seen it slow down even for a second.


The food is also pretty savage with everything from cakes, salads, croissants and awesome toasted sandwiches and you absolutely have to make sure you wash it down with one of their epic fresh juices. What really makes me love this place is that there is never anybody looking over your shoulder wondering when you are going to leave. I don't do it but you could happily buy a coffee and sit there all day. The whole place is set up for co-working and you can even pay to have space upstairs without having to order drinks. As if that wasn't enough the tunes are always kicking in here with some awesome mixes that seem to lift you during the day.


To top it all off, they serve beer and cocktails and the whole atmosphere changes at about 7 when people start having a couple of after work drinks. Most people keep working though and you can sit there until about 11-12 o'clock depending on the night. There really is no comparison when it comes to a slick laid back place to bash through some work with some like minded folk in Berlin. When I arrive in town St Oberholz is always my first spot to hit up.

Written By

Niall Harbison