31 Reasons Why You Should Live In Berlin At Least Once In Your Life

Including the benefits of being a cyclist, liberal attitudes, and naked people EVERYWHERE


Berlin is one of the best destinations in the world for tourists, businesses and its lucky natives. 

When you visit for the first time, you can't help but be blown away by the vibrant city's delights. 

To get more people to recognise just how amazing Berlin is, we've showcased 31 reasons to live there at least once in your lifetime...

1. The incredible Holocaust Memorial

Wandering around this vast memorial, with its labyrinthine paths, it's impossible to ignore the weight of history behind it. 


2. History bursts from its seams

From Check Point Charlie to the Brandenburg gate, a stroll through the city is to gaze upon the debris of the 20th century's most important events.


3. You can drink pretty much anywhere

The liberal licensing laws mean that if you want a beer on the way home from work, on public transport, or in a park in the summer, that's no problem at all. 


4. Berlin has one of the best public transport systems in the world

Everything is on time and just works. Very little need for a car with public transport this efficient.


5. Incredible nightclubs, including a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Berghain

Nightclubs follow a pretty standard format the world over, but in Berlin you'll be transported to another world. Crazy disused buildings, hidden rooms and fun people dancing indoors and out make this the clubbing capital of the world.


6. Cheap yet spacious apartments are everywhere

One of the cheapest cities in Europe to rent an apartment and because of their high ceilings and large buildings, there's always lots of space.


7. You can party 24/7

Just because you've been dancing all night doesn't mean that you can't find somewhere to boogie the morning away.


8. The huge variety of museums

There are over 170 museums to choose from, with an eclectic mix of topics covered and plenty of free options.


9. There are naked people everywhere

Shedding one's clothes is the norm in Berlin and if you feel like going completely naked, it won't be frowned upon. There's no shortage of specific beaches and areas for it.

NakedBerlin in 1999

10. You can take your dog or your bike on public transport

Not only is the public transport some of the best in the world, but you'll also see sensible rules where people can bring their bikes or pets with them making life so much easier.


11. German beer – especially large bottles of German beer

Who doesn't love German beer? The large 500ml bottle is king here.

3097 1600

12. Currywurst

You'll have to trust us on this one if you haven't tasted one yet, but sausage covered in curry sauce with chips is one of the greatest tastes in life and famous in the city.


13. The street art is the very best in the world

Rather than trying to clamp down on graffiti and street art the city have instead embraced it and the result is a beautiful, vibrant and colourful city with amazing art everywhere.


14. The huge variety of parks and how they become a way of life for Berliners

There are over 2,500 parks in the city, so hanging out there becomes a way of life for many Berliners.


15. One of Europe's most cyclist friendly cities

The streets have been designed with cyclists in mind. They've their own lanes and corridors so that cyclists are safe across the city.


16. The LGBT community has always been at the fore in this city

Because of long-held progressive attitudes in the city, Berlin has been a spiritual home for the LGBT community for decades while many other cities were slow to catch up.

CSD Berlin 2007 - Partytruck 1

17. Because you can swim in a pool on the river

What could be cooler than sitting in a slick swimming pool that itself is floating on a river? Summers are amazing here.

Germany Spree bad kl1

18. The awesome and varied food scene

Because there are so many outside cultures in the city (Japanese and Vietnamese are especially strong for food here) the quality of the food and the diversity is incredible.


19. The awesome electronic music scene

Name a type of electronic music and you'll find a whole club dedicated to it. 

Berlin Music Week 2010-2

20. You can find anything you could ever want to buy in any of the many flea markets

These flea markets have to be seen to be believed. If you're looking for anything from a Polaroid camera to antique furniture, this is the place to find it.


21. In Club Mate

One of the most caffeinated drinks in the world, this is something like Red Bull mixed with coffee. If you don't have energy after one of these, you never will.


22. The amazing and unique shopping in the indie boutiques of Kreuzberg

The bustling streets are full of some of the coolest people you'll ever come across and the shops and hidden boutiques around this area are totally unique.

Berlin-kreuzberg u-bhf-goerlitzer-bahnhof 20051019 324

23. The Reichstag's dome

If you take a trip to the top of this structure you can enjoy a wonderful view of the whole city.

Reichstag Dome at night

24. Heading to any of the local lakes

As soon as the heat comes you can be sure that Berliners will head to the local lakes with beer and deck chairs to unwind, relax and get a different perspective on their city.


25. Three amazing opera houses in one city

Hardly a surprise to have an opera house in a city that cares so much about culture, but only Berlin could have three of these stunning buildings.


26. Europe's largest train station

You have step inside Friedrichstraße train station to understand just how big it is, with its multiple levels, hundreds of daily trains and dozens of shops and restaurants.


27. Späti

Only Berliners could decide that pubs and bars were too mainstream for them and come up with an alternative. Buying a bottle of beer on the way to a club and sitting in a courtyard or outside a shop is standard.

kiezkiosk big

28. Döner kebab

You probably think you've had a nice one of these somewhere around the world before, but you've never had a proper kebab until you've eaten one in Berlin.

Döner kebab

29. Being yourself

Most cities or cultures force you to modify your personality in some way, but in Berlin you can 100% be yourself. Nobody cares what you look like, what you do or how you act.

Crowd at the MyFest in Berlin Kreuzberg

30. Recycling that works

There's no problem partying, staying up all night or having fun, but just make sure you clean up after yourself. The whole city is spotless and well looked after with a system that just works.

Awareness Recycle

31. You never know where you'll end up

The city's full of hidden clubs, new bars and shops that you've never seen before. The beauty of a night out is that you'll never know where you could end up – and that's what makes Berlin so exciting.


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