11 Times 'Humans of Berlin' Has Perfectly Portrayed How Amazing The City Is

"Life’s too short. So you better try to make the best of it. Like moving to Berlin"

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'Humans of Berlin' is a real gem.

Examining what it means to be a Berliner, the photo blog highlights the best and brightest of an already colourful brood.

Upon viewing, lessons shall be learned, thoughts will be provoked, and one way tickets to the German city will be bought...

Don't say you haven't been warned.


1. The perfect Sunday

2. The Berlin lifestyle, described to a tee

3. The peace of freedom and the freedom of peace

4. The utter brilliance of the German tongue

5. The reason you should get yourself there ASAP

6. The love that's so present

7. The reason you'll never want to leave

8. The deep-rooted history

9. The child who is all of us

10. And this child, who is also all of us

11. And the incredible way of German thinking

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