The Top 5 Places To Eat Schnitzel In Berlin

Pork schnitzel

Schnitzel is one of the most famous dishes to come out of Germany and Austria (where it comes from is a whole other argument) and Berlin has some of the best versions around. We wanted to dig under the surface though and come up with the very best 5 you will ever eat in the capital. Make sure you bring an appetite for these bad boys...

5th. Schnitzelkönig

Translates as "The Schnitzel King" so if they can't do a good version of it in here you'd have to wonder where would. Absolutely huge portions and you can mix it up with all sorts of toppings including unsual ones like pineapple!


4th. Wednesday @ The Michelburger Hotel

Served up on Wednesdays only as their special dish, you will probably have to be carried back to the office given the portion size. Comes in at just under 10 Euros and with a generous portion of potatoes this is as good value as lunch gets in the capital.

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3rd. DDR Restaurant

This places specializes in the food from Eastern Germany before the wall came down. Because food was so scarce on that side of the border, and meat in particular, they invented a sausage meat version covered in breadcrumbs and served with a classic tomato sauce. You'll find better classic Schnitzels but to be eating a little bit of history feels truly special.


2nd. Restaurant Matzbach

Another place that serves schnitzel up on a Wednesday as a special is Matzbach. There are a couple of great versions to try here and we'd suggest you go with the gypsy version which comes with seriously hot sauce. Something totally different for a change!


1st. Brauhaus Mitte

A bit of an institution and a great place to go and get some good beer and German food in general, but they really come into their own when they throw down a huge classic Schnitzel in front of you. Don't expect fancy cooking or high end garnishes here. This is the real deal!

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