The Top 10 Brilliantly Quirky Places To Stay In Berlin


Berlin is a city full of passion, great art and wonderful people with thousands of attractions to explore, but it can be hard to find somewhere quirky to stay. I remember when I visited the city for the first time I ended up in a shitty IBIS because I didn't know any better, but since then I've discovered 100s of amazing hotels, hostels and other great places to rest your head. Here are 10 of the best quirky places to stay in Berlin if you plan a trip there...

10th. The Weinmeister Hotel

A funky lobby greets you behind a graffitied door where you will be greeted by super friendly staff and pumping music. It's all about the incredibly comfortable beds here. Probably the best sleep you'll ever get and you are right in the thick of the action too being right in the middle of Mitte.


9th. nHow Hotel

Everything about this place screams Berlin from the moment you set eyes on the outlandish design of the building right through to the crazy lobby and unique style of the rooms. Good value too.


8th. Soho House

One of the best boutique hotels in the world and although it will probably cost you in the region of 200 Euros for a small room here, the luxury is incredible. Located in a converted secret police building, the rooftop terrace and bar is a must visit.

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7th. Casa Camper

This chain only has 2 hotels with one here in Berlin and the other in Barcelona. You'll spot it a mile off with the numbers on the outside windows of the rooms and the big focus on bikes in reception. Pricey but cool spot.

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6th. Ostel Das DDR

Want to experience what it was like in the old days in East Germany? For just 25 Euros a night this hostel has recreated the old DDR and brought it back to life. A brilliant idea.


5th. Huge Warehouse Airbnb

This place will set you back about 700 Euros for a night but it does have 4 bedrooms so you can split the price with some friends. Amazing open plan apartment that looks like something from a movie!

4th. Ku' Damm

This is an affordable place for anybody who likes good design and a less-is-more approach to their hotel stay. There is an awesome terrace, good city centre location and you'll often get a room for less than 50 Euros a night so its a winner all round.


3rd. Eastern Comfort Hostel

This is a converted boat on the river that has been converted into a hostel and which has 25 cabins of varying sizes. You can even camp out on deck in the warmer months and there is a white sand beach only a couple of hundred yards away and you'll be able to wake up and admire the most beautiful bridge in Berlin while also only being yards from one of the main parts of the Berlin wall still standing.

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2nd. Michelberger Hotel

One of the best hotels you will ever come across in the world with small rooms being turned into cosy masterpieces. Good value if you get a deal during the week and always a good vibe in the lobby be it for working during the day or relaxing with a few drinks in the evening when the DJ kicks in and the place starts buzzing.


1st. Propeller Island

You could only ever find a place this bonkers in Berlin and it deserves to top the list. The rooms come in all shapes and sizes and are all unique. You can sleep in coffins, a child's room or a bedroom with all sorts of mirrors. Like we said... Totally mad spot!


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