6 Awesome Bars You Have To Experience To See The Real Berlin


Berlin is a city full of massively different cultures, languages and nationalities and one of the best places to encounter that is while having a beer or a tasty cocktail in one of the many amazing bars. 

Places in Berlin where you can have a drink range from large superclubs to small local cafes and dive bars. 

Never has it been more true to say about a city that there is something for everybody...

1. Barbie Deinhoff's

This isn't the place to be hanging out if you are a shrinking violet and super reserved because you'll meet all sorts in here. You could just as easily spot somebody in a full leather gimp suit alongside tourists sampling the cheap drink and local atmosphere. The most eclectic bunch of people you'll probably ever seen in one room.


2. Luzia

If you are lucky enough to get a seat outside this place on Oranienstrasse or even in one of the huge windows then you'll have some of the best people watching in town in the early evening. The place looks like someones old living room with mismatched seats and old furniture but as soon as it gets packed later in the evening it is buzzing with the coolest looking young people around.


3. Tausend

This is one of the higher end bars in Berlin and the first challenge you'll have is actually getting into the place because the dress code and doormen are pretty hard to navigate. Once you do get in you'll be drinking with the great and the good of the Berlin social scene in one of the most iconic venus in town. The only other issue you might have is finding it behind the large steel door that doesn't give much away.


4. Kim

Being honest when you first walk in you'd wonder if the place had even been finished so rustic does it feel. What they do have is a cool young crowd who are always there to let their hair down and some of the best DJs spinning tunes on a nightly basis. Once you get inside you'll forget where you are, probably end up drunk and have the time of your life.


5. John Muir

This is like part of old America in Berlin and when you are sitting on the wooden decking outside on Skalitzer Strasse sipping on one of their huge selection of whiskeys you'll wonder what country you are actually in. One thing well worth checking out is their Monday nights as they run a special craft beer night.


6. Drayton Bar

Now if you want a cocktail this is the place to go in Berlin. The dark interiors as well as the amazingly well stocked bar makes this a must visit in the city. It is technically a speakeasy which means it isn't the easiest in the world to find but once you do you'll probably come back as often as you can. Pure magic.


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