10 Of The Best Places To Have An Awesome Breakfast In Berlin

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Breakfast is one of the best and most important meals of the day and Berlin has some cracking spots to start the day with your best foot forward. We've mixed it up to include some big hearty meals that will fill you up to early afternoon and some lighter healthier eats that will put a pep in your step. Berlin does breakfast like no other city in the world...

10. St Oberhalz - Working Breakfast

Perfect place to bring the laptop, grab an awesome coffee, some healthy juice and some freshly baked pastries and get ahead of the working day before you even get into the office.

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9. Cafe Anna Blume

This is one of the healthiest and most opulent fruit plates with pastries you'll eat in the city and you wont want to be rushing of to the office so best to be enjoyed while on holidays or on a day off.

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8. Barcomis

This place is a real treat and run by a Seattle native and ample place for sitting outside if the weather is right for a bit of epic al fresco eating. Some amazing bagels and if you are feeling especially indulgent you could have some of their famous cheesecake.

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7. Alpenstueckle

Small little cosy spot that specialises in the wonderful cooking from the south of Germany. Have a huge selection of home made pastries and breads that are to die for. You haven't lived until you have tried the homemade pretzels here.


6. Eiffel 

This is one of the higher end places to have breakfast in Berlin and the perfect place to go for a real treat of a meal. The dish to try here is the Eggs Benedict and you simply must have a cocktail.

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5. Cafe Morgenland

More of a brunch than a proper breakfast but if you eat here and get involved in the amazing buffet style food and try the meatballs. Make sure you have a good couch to go and sleep the feast away for the afternoon after this feast.

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4. Schwarze Pumpe

An unbelievable spread here with lovely meats (don't ignore the spec) and all for the princely sum of 5 Euros. If you don't fancy the meats awesome selection of homemade muesli and fruits

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3. Brezel Company Berlin

It wouldn't be Berlin if you didn't put a place on the list that makes pastries in the shape of a penis for pride week. All joking aside they have some regional classics here like two sausages swimming in a nice broth.

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2. Cabslam

There is a rich history between America and Berlin and this spot brings the very best of California and their brunch culture to the capital of Germany. Come with a hangover at the weekend and watch it disappear immediately with amazing food! 

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1. Chipps

Easily the best breakfast in Berlin. They do all sorts of food and the place doubles as an art gallery (as only a restaurant in Berlin could) but you need to come here at the weekend to try their pancakes, eggs and everything else on the menu. The only sad thing being that you can only taste one thing at a time. Awesome 

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