10 Reasons Singer Róisín O Loves Gigging In Berlin


Ahead of Róisín O's German tour, she shared ten of the reasons why she loves playing in Berlin with us...

10. The Venues

The amount of music venues are endless in Berlin. Every one I've played, whether it was a church or a club, has been a great experience and the people there always strive to make you feel welcome and provide the best environment possible for your performance.


9. The Night Life

If New York is 'The City That Never Sleeps' then Berlin must be 'The City That Never Stops Partying'. No matter what time or day it is you can find a club in Berlin that plays the music you like and is full of people who like it too. I realized this after a show I did there in February on a Monday night, we didn't get out of the venue till around 2am and I thought finding a place open would be a hard feat… I didn't get in till the wee hours of the morning.


8. The History

I love the history and culture that Berlin is seeped in. Even if I have a gig and not much time for sightseeing, it's hard to walk around the city and not see beautiful architecture or places that have a story to tell about World War II or East and West Berlin.


7. The Little Green Man

He's so seems happy, which makes me happy!


6. The Walking Tours

If you want to really find out about the History of Berlin while also getting to see the city there's no better way than a walking tour. It such an experience to walk around Berlin and hear the amazing stories that it has to tell, both good and bad, and it's so much better than reading it out of my old history book in secondary school. To top it off these amazing tours are FREE!


5. The Street Art

I have a huge love of street art and I haven't come across many places that rival Berlin in quantity, quality or variety. On gig days, when we're driving into the city for the first time to head to sound check, usually I'd be in the back of the tour bus having a sneaky nap, but when we get close to Berlin I get so excited to see the street art -I usually have my phone at the ready trying to snap some pics of what's on offer.


4. Drinking on the Street

I know this is Germany wide and not just Berlin, but drinking alcohol on the street in Germany is legal and they are doing just fine as a country. In my opinion all us other countries should follow suit and maybe our economies will improve. One of the few downsides to Berlin is it is quite expensive, so drinking on the street can save thousands for young musicians every year. It's also a lot of fun for some reason.


3. The Economy

Because the economy is so good it means there's lots of jobs for post celtic tiger job seekers. This means when I have a gig in Berlin I get to hang out with some of my Irish friends!

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2. The Berlin Wall

There's something about The Berlin Wall that is so moving to see. Whether it's the history that came before it, the segregation it created or the unity it took of the people it separated to overcome, to stand in front of it feels awesome. I was only 1 when the Berlin Wall came down, but knowing that a generation of people, some the same age as me, fought together against a higher power to break down this divide in their city, is really inspiring, and I think this mentality of equality and unity has lived on in the people of the city.


1. The Beer

It speaks for itself.


Róisin's German tour kicks off this Friday, March 13th and you can catch her in Berlin in Privatclub on the 19th of March. Make sure to Check out Róisín O's other German shows or grab tickets here!